Dr. (HC) Piyush Goel: An Inspiration for Future Generation

Dr. (HC) Piyush Goel
Dr. (HC) Piyush Goel

When an individual starts to weave dreams and sets an aim to achieve exceptional goals, the journey toward unattainable growth takes flight. One such story is that of Dr. (Hc) Piyush Goel, which is fuelled by desire, aspiration, and discovery. Dr. Goel’s story is incredibly encouraging and inspirational for the current generation and will remain relevant for generations to come.

As the Founder of the well-known Indian and Sri Lankan Yoga Institute, Trinetra Yoga-India and Sri Lanka, Dr. Goel believes in nurturing oneself through a vision that provides inner peace and true wisdom. While describing his passion and the motivation behind his venture, Dr. Goel says, “There was a search within to find something which was never done before by anyone, something that can give me inner peace and true wisdom and fruit of success.”

“All-rounder” is a small term for describing him and his accomplishments, qualifications, and most importantly, his strategies and zeal to build businesses that take him back to the roots of mother earth and allow him to connect with humans, and their pain and sufferings. His consistent search for work that can serve the entire world is a thought of goodwill and progress.

Dr. Goel’s journey began in the vibrant city of Bangalore, where he carried his dreams and aspirations to achieve the best quality of education and land a high-paying job. With an MBA degree in marketing from the reputed institute of ITM Business School, Bangalore, Dr. Goel initially envisioned being a director or senior manager of a top-notch organization.

With a concoction of hard work and smart work, Dr. Goel exhibited his skills and achieved the summit of success in big-shot corporations. He has 14 years of experience as an employee, and his last designation was General Manager- Business Development for an eminent organization in South Asia. Even though he attained success in terms of growth and success as a senior employee, he always felt a vacuum within that compelled him to search for something out of the box.

From General Manager to Grand Master

Dr. Goel’s driving force was to create something organic that grows every year, soothes his soul, and earns respect worldwide. In short, his vision was to create an organization that never expires or retires as well as develops and earns a lot of trust and faith from people.

Hence, to chase his dreams with passion and enthusiasm, he resigned from the general manager position, which paid him a comfortable salary, and adopted spirituality.

Dr. Goel started practicing yoga professionally and attained more than 4000 hours of international certification programs in different subjects of yoga, which made him more organized and accomplished before hitting the floor and driving yoga programs. The in-depth yoga programs equipped him with immense command of the theory and practical aspects of yoga, meditation, philosophy, and many other subjects of yoga. This earned him the title of Grandmaster in Hatha Yoga & Grandmaster – in Ashtanga Yoga from two worldwide organizations.

Dr. Goel believes that knowledge should never be restricted; hence, he mastered the deep levels of Astrology, Tarot card analysis, Vastu, Fenghsui & Numerology work. He shares, “All these subjects are the branches of the tree called spirituality, and the moment you do research, you will come to know that they are all deeply connected.”

In the continuous search for improvement and innovation, Dr. Goel has completed ten successful years of yoga and has begun establishing his base of consultancy work for customers and knowledge in all of the disciplines of spirituality in his ongoing drive for development and innovation.

Dr. Goel also follows a disciple and empowers productivity to its fullest. He is a singer who loves to play with voice, and this passion opened the path for him to become a professional certified voice-over and a dubbing artist. Piyush started his journey as an author of his first book – “Hinduism to Management,” in December 2020, and his book won many awards and honours since then. Not only that, he even released his audiobook in 2023.

He is a firm admirer of innovation and says, “I always tell people that never run behind what others are doing and what they are and are not earning but go back to basics, sit peacefully and think over deeply if you are drawing true happiness in the rat race and if not then have you ever realised a powerful man or woman is hiding inside of you?”

Trinetra- A Success Story

Trinetra Yoga is a celebrated brand created by Dr. Goel that shines worldwide due to the immense support of teachers and third-party associates. He thanks God and his gurus for their blessings that led to the success of Trinetra.

This organization earned five honors worldwide as the best healthcare brand and the best-emerging yoga brand in 2019. As a yoga brand, it has conducted multiple international yoga certification programs for worldwide audiences and left its footprints in the hearts of its clients.

Great Ideologies that Heal

Dr. Goel’s belief system is backed by a high level of integrity, honesty in work and quality standards, upgradation of skills, self-belief, self-love, faith in the universe and God, and most importantly, an egoless personality. He is a healer; his ideas and perception of life and the entire life process have moved and touched people’s hearts, providing them with peace and success. He has brought positivity and progress in lives through his yoga philosophy sessions and professions like life coach, astrologer, tarot expert, and author.

He has organized international yoga programs as a tool for mental and physical health and webinars on philosophy and the life process to help individuals heal mentally. Dr. Goel was also interviewed by a book talk business about his book and how it will benefit the nation and the global audience.

A Legacy to Beat the Challenges

Dr. Goel has analyzed that today’s youth face challenges in the area of career, relations, and marriage and also stay affected by mental and physical diseases.

He aims and promises to leave a legacy of leadership and road openers, entrepreneurship with personality analysis, and freedom from the rat race. He believes that his learnings from more than 20 gurus and teachers of spirituality will help him do so. Dr. Goel says, “God, the universe, my gurus, and divine energy have influenced my actions to help and mentor people.”

Collaborations and Progress

Dr. Goel works with selected Brand Ambassadors for Trinetra Yoga in terms of collaborations. He mentors people who want to learn and grow spiritually and commercially with him globally in this aspect.

As a leader, he markets intelligence and skill upgradation. He empathizes with youth issues, identifying their weaknesses and pain areas and resolving their concerns on time with profound knowledge and a support system.

Dr. Goel has filled in the shoes of many roles, all of which have a single purpose: to help others. This has led him to own seven doctorates and more than 97 international awards. As a staunch leader, Dr. Goel reflects success and determination and is one of the most inspiring leaders for the youth today.