CWUR Reveal IIM Ahmedabad as India’s Best-performing Higher Educational Institution

IIM Ahmedabad
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The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) released a report on May 13, 2024, highlighting that Indian universities have experienced a decline in performance due to global competition from well-funded institutions.

In the 2024 edition of the Global 2000 list, 64 Indian universities and institutions were featured, with the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad securing the top rank among Indian institutions. This year, IIM Ahmedabad’s position improved slightly, securing the 410th rank, while the Indian Institute of Science dropped seven places, currently positioned at 501st.

The report revealed that the improvement in research output is not translating into comparable success in higher education. It presented mixed insights from the ranking ladder, with 33 institutions dropping their positions and 32 improving their ranks simultaneously.

Among the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), IIT Bombay jumped 14 spots, reaching the 568th rank. IIT Delhi and IIT Kharagpur were listed among the top 10 best performers of the year. IIT Madras secured the 582nd position, slipping 12 spots, while the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research ranked 606th, dropping 26 positions.

According to the CWUR report, here are the top 10 Indian higher education institutions and their positions in the list:

  1. 410 – Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
  2. 501 – Indian Institute of Science
  3. 568 – Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  4. 582 – Indian Institute of Technology Madras
  5. 606 – Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
  6. 616 – Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  7. 622 – Delhi University
  8. 704 – Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
  9. 798 – Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research
  10. 823 – Punjab University

Harvard University secured the top position for the 13th consecutive year, despite global competition. Chinese institutions also outperformed, with 95 percent of the institutions moving up in the list, as the country is making heavy investments in research and development.

The Top 10 education institutions in the world are…

  1. Harvard University (US)
  2. MIT (US)
  3. Stanford (US)
  4. Cambridge (UK)
  5. Oxford (UK)
  6. Princeton (US)
  7. Columbia (US)
  8. Pennsylvania (US)
  9. Yale (US)
  10. Caltech (US)

The CWUR report analyzes 62 million outcome-based data points to rank universities across the world. The list is based on four parameters: quality of education (25%), employability (25%), quality of faculty (10%), and research (40%).

The report ranked 20,966 universities, and the top Global 2000 list features higher education institutions from 94 countries.

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