Coventry University and GITAM establish a strategic partnership to facilitate scientific cooperation.

Coventry University
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A formal agreement has been reached between Coventry University and the Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM) to investigate potential areas of collaboration and improve each institution’s research portfolio. According to an official statement, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) provides a forum for talks about cooperative research projects, pooled funding applications, faculty development, student exchange programs, and cooperative academic activities.

In light of the fact that Coventry University is getting ready to open its newest Global Hub in New Delhi, India, early next year, this collaboration represents another strategic alliance for the university on the international scene. According to the statement, Coventry University is proud to have a network of Global Hubs in Africa, Dubai, China, Belgium, and Singapore that promote partnerships with academic institutions, governments, and corporations across the globe.

“Due to the substantial areas of shared interest, Coventry University will be a strategic partner and collaborator of choice. We find substantial complementary areas of interest in five research categories. According to KNS Acharya, pro-vice chancellor of GITAM, “the research teams on both sides have put in significant effort over the last three months to identify common areas of research to focus on.”

Through the MoU, GITAM hopes to increase the scope of its research and demonstrate its commitment to doing so through cooperative efforts like joint research projects, co-authored publications, and reciprocal faculty and student exchanges. According to the statement, both schools will be able to apply for funds together in their mutually defined concentration areas.

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