Centre for Distance and Online Education, Kurukshetra University: Revamping the Distance Learning Landscape to Promote Global Education

Kurukshetra University
Centre for Distance and Online Education, Kurukshetra University

Education is the most dynamic and vital aspect, leading to societal transformations and developments. Over the years, the world has shifted from traditional classrooms to innovative e-learning. Open learning or online education is one such product of modern education that eliminates any unnecessary impediments among students and quality education. Distance learning has various advantages that respond to learners’ diverse needs while promoting an accessible and flexible educational environment.

One significant advantage is the convenience it provides. Students can engage in coursework from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for a commute and allowing for a more personalized learning schedule. It is more convenient for the students to ask doubts and learn. It is more cost- effective and promotes quality education without any geographical barriers. Also, students have unlimited access to the lectures that help them absorb the concepts better.

Among all the distance learning platforms, the Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE) at Kurukshetra University shines brightly due to its commitment to educational excellence and determination to establish an efficient digital educational framework that imparts quality education seamlessly. Dr. Som Nath Sachdeva, Vice- Chancellor, runs the esteemed Kurukshetra University efficiently; under his thoughtful leadership Centre for Distance and Online Education, Kurukshetra University is marching fast on the road to academic excellence.

In 2022, online learning programs were added to Kurukshetra University. Starting with just four programs, the University now provides nineteen online programs, including certificates and diplomas based on IA 4.0, to give students employability and entrepreneurship training.

The Concert Mission and Vision

The mission of CDOE Kurukshetra University to prepare skilled scholars with deeply ingrained human values for the advancement of society is in line with the University’s vision “To be globally acknowledged for academic excellence.”

Over the years, it has always used this mission and vision to guide its approach to education. It has implemented an innovative, learner-friendly online educational policy by consistently developing new and exciting programs. This has been enhanced by high-quality study materials, in- person interaction programs, and the option to select an exam location within the university geographical jurisdiction.

Kurukshetra University enjoys a good reputation for its achievements. The Ministry of Education lists it as a Category-I University, and the NAAC has given it an A++ accreditation. Its Centre for Online and Distance Learning has also received numerous awards for excellence. It has received several accolades, including the Making India Employable Award in 2023, the CSR Top University of India Award in 2023, the CSR Top Institute of India Award in 2018, and the CSR Top Institute of India Award in 2019.

No Barriers to Quality Education

CDOE Kurukshetra University’s specific goal has been to reach the unreached and facilitate education. CDOE was opened in 1976 when the availability of educational infrastructure was much less in the country compared to the present day. But the goal stays relevant in current times, too, when the number of young learners in the country is at an all-time high.

Aligning all the institute’s efforts around its goal, CDOE has judiciously used its learner support centers (LCC) in its affiliated colleges for PCP, examination support, and counseling. The whole network of LCC with CDOE is behind the university’s exceptional performance. Moreover, online education has helped it reach learners from foreign countries and far-off places in the country.

CDOE Kurukshetra University has a fantastic physical infrastructure and occasionally plans various events for its students. Students are welcome to use the library, interact with the faculty, and participate in other activities here year- round. Students enrolled here have access to the Kurukshetra Alumni Association (KUKAA) alum portal.

The ease of connectivity encourages students to maintain ties with the Kurukshetra University community.

Leveraging Technology in Education

Technology is starting to become more and more integrated into education as society becomes more and more dependent on it. The impact of this integration has been enormous, as it has transformed teaching strategies in ways that go far beyond improving accessibility. Students can now interact with concepts and ideas previously unthought- off, thanks to the increased use of technology in cyberspace.

Technology has allowed educators to design immersive, interactive learning experiences customized to each student’s needs and interests, from virtual simulations to online learning platforms.

Additionally, it has made it easier for students and teachers to work together and communicate, giving students more confidence to take charge of their own education. Therefore, incorporating technology into education has the power to drastically alter how people learn and teach, making learning more open, attractive, and efficient than it has ever been.

CDOE Kurukshetra University believes that technology plays a crucial and widespread role in today’s world, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It uses a Learning Management System (LMS) for its online programs, which allows all the students to complete all program functions online, including admission and exams.

CDOE Kurukshetra University uses an Integrated University Management System (IUMS) to ensure that students have a smooth and valuable educational experience throughout their academic journey. With its cutting-edge studio, the lectures can be recorded and made accessible to students. CDOE plans to employ more technological support systems to create immersive distance learning environments in the upcoming years.

Inspiring Success Stories

Many of CDOE Kurukshetra University’s students have excelled in diverse fields, but it has the same exceptional feats as its regular students. A few renowned names are:

  • R.K. Verma, who retired as the Chief. Scientist CSIR-NIACAIR, New Delhi, has done a master’s in library and information science from CDOE.
  • Sanjai Veer Singh is an Additional District and Sessions Judge.
  • Aayushi Pandey is also an Additional Civil Judge.
  • A.P. Singh is a Civil Judge in Aligarh. He has completed the LLM from CDOE.
  • Ramesh Rana, National President of the National Union of Journalism (India), has also completed his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from CDOE.
  • Harish Ranga, Retd. I.G. and Sh. R.R. Phulia, Retd. IAS have been its students, among many others, who have benefited from the CDOE Programmes.
  • As many as four judges of the Punjab and Haryana High Court are alumni of CDOE.

The Content Crafting Concepts

When it comes to distance learning, the quality of education is determined by the quality of content created by the institution. It should be innovative, easy to understand, and enlightening at the same time.

CDOE Kurukshetra University leverages its internal expertise to support content preparation and upgrading while maintaining quality standards. The faculty at the university drafts and updates course syllabi periodically.

Knowledge at Fingertips

Establishing accessibility and inclusivity in education is the primary goal of distance learning, as it enables the younger generation to embrace the true spirit of learning more efficiently. The CDOE Kurukshetra University provides enough seats for all interested students to enroll in, provided they fulfill the requirements for admission. The students under its programs are qualified for all government scholarships, and the university also offers financial aid to underprivileged students.

Female students who demonstrate merit are granted a 25 per cent tuition fee reduction. Government guidelines reserve seats available for underprivileged groups. Since higher education is intended for all segments of society, the total program fees charged by the university are set at a low level.

Support for Educators

Educators assist, instruct, and mentor students throughout their educational journey. All instructors at CDOE Kurukshetra University creating lessons are given comprehensive instructions and templates for instructional material (SIM). Instructions for formative evaluation are also provided.

Teachers who teach online receive training on how to use the LMS and its resources. For these educators, skill workshops on using tools for distance education have also been held. This support for educators is a continuous process due to the growing use of technology.

The university’s LMS and IUMS manage data-driven insights and analytics to track student progress and improve learning outcomes.

Creating a Student-Centric Virtual Classroom

One of the biggest challenges in the online learning environment is student motivation and engagement. To make the lessons enjoyable, the educators and content

creators use a variety of strategies and techniques. CDOE Kurukshetra University employs the four-quadrant approach to optimize learning outcomes in virtual learning environments. Teachers also attempt to keep students interested by promoting critical thinking. Formative assessment spread over the semester is also used to push continuous learning.

An Array of Opportunities

Learners have access to a multitude of opportunities through distance learning. The primary goal of these educational environments is to improve students’ skills while offering education in a novel way. CDOE Kurukshetra University wants the students to take advantage of the special features of online learning.

Students can combine their degree with certificate and diploma programs or enroll in two-degree programs concurrently. The university claims that the only successful medium that can be pursued in conjunction with regular employment in the current era of “Learning Lifelong” is distance education.

Future Plans and Strategies for Success

The digital learning platforms rely on planning and creativity to function. A great deal of brainstorming is required to develop future strategies based on the current circumstances. CDOE Kurukshetra University is concentrating its plans and efforts on:

  • Modularity of programs wherein each course will be complete in itself to be offered as an additional subject.
  • Technology upgradation for Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is on par with online programs.
  • Offering new programs and courses to meet the employability requirements of learners.
  • Implementing New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 for all CDOE programs.

CDOE Kurukshetra University provides one of the best distance education programs, as the aim is to enhance the educational set-up and minimize the obstacles people face following traditional educational patterns. It supports the learning needs of students and promises a bright future. The success stories of CDOE Kurukshetra University are an inspiration for others and a reflection of educational excellence. It is a student-centric setup is designed to promote learning with convenience.