Candor Group of Schools: Imparting Quality Education to Young Learners

Candor Group of Schools

A school is the second home of a child that helps nurture the mind and impart creativity and progressive thoughts in them. To cope with the rat race, in a dynamic and growing country like India, a strategically planned educational institute is a must that results in the holistic progress of the child.

Aiming for a secure future, parents put much effort and research into finding the perfect school affiliated with a wholesome board. Education is not limited to books; it caters to the overall mental well-being of the students, incorporating lessons in life skills.

Candor Group of Schools is one of the best institutes that facilitates a secure and safe learning environment for children. The school adopted an international syllabus and curriculum to educate students for a better future and shine in whatever they choose. Identifying this unique niche requirement of the education space, Dr. Suresh Reddy founded this educational excellence in August 2011, successfully providing international learning standards to Indian children.

Quality Education- The Primary Mission

Candor Group of Schools is the leading international school in India and has dedicated itself to preparing students for life. To achieve this objective, the school has gathered a team of devoted and passionate students, transforming the school into a community that promotes each child’s development into an informed, confident, caring, and responsible global citizen.

It aspires to be a lighthouse for young minds. The institute aspires to be a catalyst for positive change for both national and international students, taking on the role of preparing students to be global citizens. With this value-added strategy, the institute aims to produce students who will safeguard the environment while preserving ethical and moral principles in an ever-changing social, economic, environmental, and political framework.

Love of learning through lifelong inquiry, respect for diversity of people, faith, culture, and ideas, concern for the community at all levels, integrity of thought, speech, and action, openness to adopting the best models, and transparency of standards and practices are the core values of this institute.

The school’s prominent location allows for easy access to famous residential districts and connects well with the city while preserving a tranquil and acceptable environment for student grooming and progress. The school has an Administrative, Kindergarten, Primary, Middle, and Secondary block that enables the school to communicate effectively and maintain the smooth functioning of day-to-day affairs.

Being an international campus, it is also Wi-Fi-enabled, and its distinctive design makes the campus complete. For students who want to study and live on campus, the school offers boarding with first-rate facilities for boys and girls over ten. Classrooms, a play and sports area, labs, libraries, music studios, dorms, and a cafeteria are all part of the beautiful Candor School campus. The school’s infrastructure is diligently curated and designed to be student-friendly and age-appropriate.

Well-Strategized Curriculum

The school provides a comprehensive international curriculum for its students, with an academic curriculum from Cambridge and IB. The school has a 1:6 Teacher-Student Ratio to focus on kids’ growth, considering the necessity for unique attention to children.

Under Efficient Leadership

Dr. Suresh Reddy, the school’s Founder and Chairperson, was an entrepreneur of a recognized IT company in the United States and a Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Consortium. However, Dr. Suresh Reddy soon recognized the need to provide quality international education facilities to young Indian students. He believes the next generation must be educated in an internationally renowned educational system to build community and environmental activism.

He is an environmental activist, acknowledged by Keisei University in South Korea in 2017 for his efforts to establish an environmentally friendly green school. The same university awarded him an honorary degree in 21st Century Building.

Establishment of an Academic Ecosystem

The enormous syllabus has made focusing on pupils’ overall growth harder. No syllabus in the world focuses solely on theoretical knowledge. Even science has demonstrated that while something is theoretically feasible, it may be challenging.

On the other hand, Candor International School has created an academic ecosystem based on a carefully curated syllabus that allows students and teachers to strike the optimum balance between theory and practice. The school accomplished this by involving students in various activities based on real-world difficulties and the practical application of theoretical knowledge. CAS – Creativity, Action, Service – is a program that began here. The initiative encourages children to hone their creative abilities and develop skills such as critical thinking.

The school has understood the importance of arts and other activities that allow students to balance their academic challenges. Today, with students’ and teachers’ collective efforts, the school has become a center for Trinity Music, a certification exam that offers a performance-only alternative for various musicians. The school is also the official test center for ACT exams, and over 15 exam slots with flexible timings are arranged according to the convenience of students.

It received offers from 250+ universities with over $10 million in scholarships, and in addition to that, the school gets 100 per cent placement every year and continues to do the same.

As part of the international curriculum, the school knows the next critical step for pupils in selecting a college. As a result, the school grooms and educates its pupils to recognize their potential and the domains in which they can excel. Graduating students work with the College and Career Guidance Counsellor, who helps them find colleges and institutions in India and abroad.

The school gives students an Avant browser and application tool that helps them traverse their interests and displays results for best-fit universities. This one-of-a-kind portal assists them in college counseling by delivering transcripts and other required documents to the numerous institutions and colleges where students apply.

It is a worldwide known school, and 100 universities from around the world come to aid students with their higher education. Candor International University Fairs allows students to experience firsthand academic modules, research scholarships, improve the application process, and so on.

A Homely Set-Up

Growth occurs outside comfort, and most children’s comfort zone is frequently their home. For students’ general development and extensive growth, the school offers boarding facilities beginning in Grade 5, with a boarding capacity of around 200 students. In addition, the school allows students to select between conventional full-time boarding and weekly boarding, where they can visit their parents on weekends.

The school provides students with a home away from home, reasonable hostel accommodations, a separate dining wing, and specific rooms for entertainment. It was ranked No. 7 among India’s Top 20 Day-cum-Boarding Schools in the academic year 2019-20 by Education Today magazine.

The school understands the value of sports in students’ lives and organizes special training sessions for boarding students. Along with a six-acre organic farm, the school provides a variety of sports facilities for its students. The sports facilities include a synthetic basketball court, tennis courts, football fields, cricket pitches, a half-size Olympic swimming pool, an archery arena, a skating arena, an athletic track, and a gymnasium. Indoor activities such as Throw Ball, Snooker, Air Hockey, Foosball, Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis tables, and PlayStations are popular among boarders.

Achievements and Recognitions

Candor Group of Schools has garnered numerous honors for its international education, facilities, safety, and green infrastructure leadership. In 2015, it was ranked 5th in India’s Top 10 International Schools 2015 and 1st in Leadership Management Quality and Infrastructure Provision. It won the Most Influential Brand in Education Award in 2015-16, and the list continues.

The school’s Additional Learning Attention Program includes a Special Educational requirements program that provides excellent attention to the requirements of talented children. The school selects an exceptional educator who thoroughly understands the student’s specific learning needs, and they go above and beyond to enhance their learning experience. Candor Group of Schools has taken the initiative to promote educational excellence in India with its extensive student-centric approach.

Candor’s glorious achievements:

  • Education Today – Award (Top 3 International Preschool). Ranked No.3 in India, No.2 in Karnataka & No.2 in Bengaluru.
  • Education Today – Award (Top 10 Day – cum – Boarding School IB & CAIE). Ranked No.3 in India, No.2 in Karnataka & No.2 in Bengaluru.
  • Education Today – Award ( #1 in Individual Attention to Students in India’s Top International Schools). Ranked No. 1 in India, No.1 in Karnataka & No.1 in Bengaluru.
  • Education Today – Award (Integrated Learning). Ranked No. 1 in India, No. 1 in Andhra Pradesh & No. 1 in Tirupati.
  • Education Today – Award ( #1 in Tirupati in India’s Top CBSE Schools) Ranked No. 1 in India, No. 1 in Andhra Pradesh & No. 1 in Tirupati.