Billabong High International School: Assisting Children to Take the First Ideal Step

Billabong High International School
Billabong High International School

Although the learning process formally starts at home, technically, the first introduction of kids to the formal learning process starts the minute parents enrol their child in any kindergarten school. Since kindergarten marks the transition from home to formal schools, it is an important stage in every child’s life.

It’s crucial to understand that educational standards differ between states, districts, and schools and that no two kids progress at the same rate. By encouraging self-confidence, parents can help their children excel in kindergarten and develop a lifelong love of learning. Since kindergarten sets the tone for the remainder of a child’s education, it should be a seamless, happy transition for them into the world of formal education.

The happy transition provided by the Billabong High International School to kindergarten school has set an example of an ideal preschool model to be followed by other schools.

More than just a place of learning, Billabong High International School offers a life-changing opportunity for young minds to reach new heights. Teamwork and meticulousness are the cornerstones to realising each child’s full potential at Billabong High International.

The school encourages future instructors to maintain an open mind and cultivate the distinctive abilities of their pupils as it trains the leaders of tomorrow. “We urge the next educators to keep in mind that they can occasionally be instructing pupils who will find the future Amazon. We must be prepared to take measured risks and accept failure as a stepping-stone to success while maintaining our reality-based perspective,” says the Founder and CEO, Priti Agarwal.

Laying the Strong Foundation

Mrs Priti Agarwal is the founder-promoter of the Kangaroo Kids and Billabong franchise in Kanpur. She is a lawyer, educationist, and entrepreneur, and she was the first woman to trade on the floor of the UP-Stock Exchange, Kanpur. Entering the world of business and managing her family’s business and legal affairs, Priti was inspired by her daughter’s progress at Kangaroo Kids, Bombay and decided to take the concept to Kanpur, which was formerly known as Manchester of India.

With 22 years of expertise in the kindergarten industry, the team was aware that conventional educational approaches were insufficient to mould the young brains of the present. The school then utilised the power of design thinking, a creative approach to problem-solving that enabled them to create their ideal system of education, one that encourages creativity, teamwork, and critical thought.

Its kindergarten experience was simply the start of an adventure that would take the school through each grade, year after year. As it expanded, so did the ambition of the school, and soon the school started providing senior space education that was unmatched. Due to Cambridge’s promotion of higher-order thinking skills, it purchased the franchise and connected itself with it. The school is intrigued by its focus on higher-order thinking.

At the Forefront of Educational Innovation

Billabong High International School has always been at the forefront of educational innovation. Early on, the school came to the realisation that communication is the key to opening a world of possibilities, and it has made it a top mission to instil this crucial talent in its students. “At our institution, metacognition is paramount. We urge our kids to start practising critical thinking from an early age since we fully believe that it is necessary for success in any subject,” Mrs Priti Agarwal adds further.

As an international school, Billabong is aware of the value of maintaining connections in a world that is getting smaller and smaller.

And thus, the school was ready to transition to a purely digital school when the pandemic hit.

The school was able to give its students more power because of technology. As it tried to build a community that was robust, adaptable, and future-ready, committees and collaboration became the norm.

Billabong was able to maximise the potential of existing resources, particularly technology, thanks to the pandemic.

A Tech-driven Institute

The school is committed to giving its students the skills they need to succeed in the quickly changing world of today as a tech-driven institution. It uses cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Teams and Firefly to integrate a work environment into its classes, which is at the core of its strategy. The school can organise meetings, send report cards, and update parents on their child’s development and attendance using Firefly. But even though it is a technologically advanced school, it also values balance.

While still embracing the virtually endless potential of digital media, the school urges students to study the craft of writing.

Leaving the Footprints

  • Billabong High International School, Kanpur, has been recognised by some of the most prestigious organisations. Here are some examples:
  • Certificate of Commitment by World Book of Records
  • Ranked as Number 1 in Uttar Pradesh and Kanpur by Education World India School Rankings 2020- 21
  • Awarded with International School Award 2018-21 by the British Council
  • Awarded National School Award 2021 for Commendable contribution to changing the Education System in Uttar Pradesh

Mrs Priti Agarwal has also been honoured by eminent organisations for her commendable work in the field of education. She has been awarded the Education Leader of the Year in the Educational Leadership Awards 2021, awarded an outstanding and remarkable contribution to the education sector in the 2021 Global Choice Awards and many more.

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