Bakhtawar Krishnan: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Landscape with Courage and Clarity

Bakhtawar Krishnan
Bakhtawar Krishnan

Entrepreneurs face the dynamic business landscape with a vital combination of courage and clarity. Courage propels them to conquer challenges and take calculated risks, while clarity provides a focus for setting objectives and making informed decisions. These essential qualities empower entrepreneurs to adapt, innovate, and persevere. With courage, they embrace growth opportunities, and with clarity, they steer actions towards their entrepreneurial vision.

Bakhtawar Krishnan, a seasoned professional with two decades of corporate experience, embarked on a remarkable journey shaped by these principles. Throughout her extensive tenure, she cultivated invaluable expertise across various roles, ultimately finding herself in a position that fills her with immense satisfaction and joy.

Bakhtawar Krishnan, Founder, and CEO of Inspirus Education, possesses a remarkable set of qualities that drive her success. With an insatiable thirst for learning, she continually expands her knowledge and stays ahead in an ever-evolving world. Bakhtawar’s innovative thinking generates transformative ideas, exploring new perspectives and envisioning solutions.

She excels at analyzing complex data and deriving clear conclusions with her keen eye for detail. Thriving in collaborative environments, Bakhtawar’s teamwork skills contribute to collective success. Her passion for learning, creative mindset, analytical acumen, and collaborative nature position her as a catalyst for innovation, propelling her endeavors forward.

Embracing the Unexpected

In the realm of unforeseen circumstances, life took an unexpected turn for Bakhtawar Krishnan. At the time, she was diligently engaged in her work at HSBC when a customer presented her with a unique proposition. Without hesitation, she embraced the opportunity that would ultimately lead her into the realm of entrepreneurship. It was at the age of 45 that Bakhtawar, a first-generation entrepreneur, embarked on this new chapter in her life, entering the world of business later than anticipated.

In 2013, Bakhtawar transitioned into the education sector, driven by a clear vision to assist students in realizing their aspirations of studying abroad. It was in 2017 that the concept of Inspirus Education took shape. With unwavering dedication, Bakhtawar and her team aimed to create a sense of delight and contentment for students and their parents through their services.

As a comprehensive solution provider for studying abroad, Inspirus Education undertakes all necessary entrance tests, ensuring students’ seamless progression into the top 100 universities worldwide. Witnessing the sheer happiness radiating from the faces of their students served as a constant reminder of the purpose and fulfillment that working in the education industry brought to Bakhtawar Krishnan’s life.

Flourishing Through Connections

Bakhtawar Krishnan actively engages herself in various groups, finding her place amidst the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship. Among these groups, she has joined the women’s entrepreneurship circles, where she not only contributed her knowledge but also gained valuable insights.

She also immersed herself in other groups specifically tailored for women entrepreneurs, enabling her to stay well-informed about the latest developments in the world of entrepreneurship.

Keeping education as a priority, Bakhtawar remained an avid reader, continuously seeking new knowledge. Moreover, she acknowledged that her students served as a wellspring of inspiration, constantly teaching her valuable lessons.

Navigating the Path of a First-generation Entrepreneur

In the realm of entrepreneurship, facing numerous challenges is an inherent part of the journey for Bakhtawar Krishnan, a first-generation entrepreneur. With no guiding figure or established path to follow, she confronts the hurdles with resilience and determination. Entrepreneurship, she realizes, is an ongoing expedition where stumbling and encountering unexpected obstacles are commonplace. However, each setback becomes an opportunity for growth and learning, as she constantly seeks to upgrade her knowledge through various courses and experiences.

Over time, Bakhtawar has developed a heightened sense of anticipation, enabling her to navigate uncharted territory more effectively. The lessons learned from past experiences have empowered her to foresee and prepare for potential hurdles that previously caught her off guard. This realization has become the cornerstone of her learning journey—a continuous process of growth and adaptation.

In this dynamic realm of entrepreneurship, Bakhtawar embraces the understanding that success is not a static destination but rather a continuous pursuit. It necessitates relentless effort, ongoing development, and staying ahead of the game. With an unwavering commitment to self-improvement and being at the forefront of her field, Bakhtawar strives to not only be successful but also to lead her team to new heights.

The Triad of Success

In the realm of entrepreneurship, Bakhtawar Krishnan recognizes that three fundamental ingredients form the bedrock of her journey: patience, consistency, and discipline. Patience, she understands, is crucial for allowing the business to grow steadily over time. Overnight success is a rarity, and thus she embraces the virtue of patience, knowing that it is essential for long-term sustainable growth.

Consistency is another vital element in Bakhtawar’s entrepreneurial recipe. She acknowledges that without consistent effort and dedication, the desired results will remain elusive. Perseverance through challenges and maintaining a steady pace towards goals is key to witnessing tangible outcomes.

The third ingredient, discipline, holds undeniable importance in every aspect of life, including entrepreneurship. Bakhtawar firmly believes that discipline is indispensable for achieving one’s desired objectives. It is the driving force that ensures the focused execution of plans, adherence to routines, and the ability to stay on track amidst distractions. Without discipline, all other efforts would ultimately falter.

Illuminating Pathways

For Bakhtawar Krishnan, the truest form of recognition and utmost satisfaction lies in witnessing her students achieve admission to their dream universities or desired study destinations. It is an emotionally charged journey as her team annually guides around 200 master’s students and 50 undergraduate students towards their chosen educational institutions. Over the course of 12 to 18 months, they work closely with these students, supporting them through the ups and downs of the application process.

The ultimate reward comes when Bakhtawar sees the radiant smiles on the faces of her students and the profound sense of fulfillment reflected in the eyes of their parents. It is an intangible experience that surpasses any monetary value or external accolades. These moments hold immeasurable significance, transcending the boundaries of tangible recognition. The impact made on the lives of these students and their families is an unparalleled reward in itself.

Unlocking Infinite Horizons

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Bakhtawar Krishnan emphasizes the importance of thinking big. She advises them not to get caught up in the minutiae of daily tasks, as this can hinder growth. Instead, they must broaden their perspective and envision the bigger picture. By stepping out of the day-today routine and planning for ambitious goals, true progress can be achieved. This valuable insight has been a significant learning experience for Bakhtawar, and she encourages fellow entrepreneurs to adopt this mindset for their own journeys.

When it comes to students, Bakhtawar believes that dreaming big is equally essential. Merely wishing for success without setting lofty aspirations will yield limited results. It is crucial for students to envision their dreams on a grand scale.

However, she emphasizes that dreaming alone is not enough. Action must follow, as students need to actively work towards transforming their dreams into reality. Only through concerted efforts and perseverance can their aspirations materialize. This notion of combining ambition with diligent action is Bakhtawar’s greatest contribution and advice to students.

Empowering Dreams

As an organization, Inspirus Education stands at the precipice of a transformative leap into the future. Their vision is to ensure that studying abroad is not just a dream for the affluent; they strive to make it accessible to every child. No student should feel limited by financial constraints when it comes to pursuing international education. With this mission in mind, Inspirus Education is expanding its reach to tier-two cities.

One such pioneering step has already been taken in Guwahati, where Inspirus Education established its centre. By venturing into the northeastern region, they have become trailblazers, igniting the aspirations of students and helping them dream big. Their focus extends beyond mere facilitation; the organization is dedicated to empowering students to achieve their goals and experience the ultimate sense of satisfaction.

Bakhtawar also states, “Some of the world’s most innovative thinkers believe that education is overdue for disruption. This potential means that anyone getting into the business of teaching and learning could be tapping into the future. Such a future is possibly very profitable, with opportunities for duplicating it many times over. So, before opening for business, make sure you follow the best practices to increase your success.”

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