Authenticity, Passion, and Purpose: Taylor Elizabeth Perramond’s Proactive Approach to Personal and Professional Development

Taylor Elizabeth
Taylor Elizabeth Perramond

Success in the contemporary business world demands a robust combination of skills. This includes well-honed soft skills, field-tested technical proficiency and a high degree of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Investing in these competencies not only carves out an impressive career path but also forges a strong, distinct personal brand. Integral to this skill set are cultural sensitivity, emotional control and an authoritative professional demeanour, which are indispensable for leading diverse teams and fostering enduring connections. Individuals at the helm of business—be they executives, entrepreneurs, or entire corporations—are increasingly seeking insights to refine their professional conduct and forge significant relationships.

This demand has paved the way for leaders like Taylor Elizabeth Perramond, Founder and Director of The Elegance Advisor Consultancy. Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table and approaches transformational change in one’s life from a holistic approach. Armed with an MBA in International Business, a Masters in International Affairs and certifications as a Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Positive Psychology Coach and NLP Practitioner, her approach is both strategic and transformative.

Taylor’s unique approach blends her extensive 13+ year global public relations career with her love of everything elegant. This led her to etiquette training, personality development coaching and the understanding of the crucial role of emotional intelligence in one’s personal development journey. This niche skill set and point of view have earned her a reputation as a sought-after expert for personal and professional development through emphasizing skills like awareness, empathy and communication in her clients so they can be more confident leaders in the social and business landscapes they inhabit.

Taylor’s work with individuals and organizations has helped thousands of individuals develop their confidence and be the person and professional they truly want to be, to make and forge deeper connections with those in their lives that matter and can help them make a difference in this world.

At The Elegance Advisor Consultancy, Taylor takes a personalized approach with bespoke solutions for each client, targeting the issues and symptoms needed to address to enhance and transform the productivity, communication and ultimately the reputations of her clients.

She has mastered the formula of development using a personal branding roadmap—what Taylor adeptly terms ‘identity development’ and she offers many avenues to achieve the best results with her clients.

Whether it’s through her customized online courses, exclusive membership communities, her influential social media presence, collaborative coaching, group workshops, keynote speeches or direct personal advice, Taylor equips her audience to confidently embark on their paths of growth, fostering substantial and resonant personal brands in the process.

Crafting Confidence

Driven by a desire to support and empower people, Taylor launched into the world of transformative life coaching as an etiquette and emotional intelligence life coach with the establishment of her company The Elegance Advisor Consultancy in 2019.

Taylor’s mission is distinct and purposeful: to imbue individuals with the essential skills of emotional intelligence, etiquette and conscious communication, thereby nurturing confidence and elegance in all facets of their personal and professional lives.

When discussing her approach, Taylor shares, “I am deeply committed to assisting individuals on their path to self-improvement. What I appreciate about The Elegance Advisor Method of Personal and Professional Development is its holistic focus—it not only cultivates vital skills but also fosters a profound connection with one’s authentic self and life goals. This alignment happens naturally during our sessions and it’s incredibly rewarding to witness. As clients discover this connection, they find it easier to enhance the skills necessary for success. Consequently, their empowerment, self-esteem and confidence increase dramatically.”

The Elegance Advisor Consultancy is dedicated to more than just manners; it’s a stronghold for helping individuals thrive in a changing global environment. Under Taylor’s mentorship, clients are not just prepared but poised to prosper across all life’s dimensions, brandishing the assurance, confidence and competencies needed to succeed in any arena.

With the flood in the market of life coaches and soft skills training in the market with the coming of age of the awareness of the need for these types of services, Taylor’s qualifications set her apart from the masses. Backed by 13+ years of global public relations experience and a solid academic foundation that includes an MBA in international business and a master’s in international affairs, a diploma in etiquette and protocol, Image & Fashion Consulting Certification, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification, as well as being a licensed Life and Emotional Intelligence coach, The Elegance Advisor consultancy offers more than just etiquette lessons.

Building Authentic Relationships

In her career and travels to 68 countries (and counting), Taylor has made a profound connection with her approach to making and building relationships and found that her approach is what helped her build genuine connections with others.

Always meet people where they are”, asserting that this approach paves the way for more profound, conscious and enduring relationships.

According to The Elegance Advisor, whenever a client wants to develop professionally, or they find themselves in a new town or country in need of making friends or building a community – it all comes down to your confidence and ability to do so. How well a client is able to make first impressions that last and lead them towards building authentic relationships will be the key factor.

I am dedicated to guiding individuals toward self-awareness, empathy and a deep respect for diversity.” As a mentor, advisor and coach, she places a premium on cultivating emotional intelligence and championing personal development. Her ambition is to embolden individuals to achieve self-discovery and master key competencies for impactful communication.

The Power of Mindset

Taylor champions the idea that a robust mindset is the cornerstone of personal growth.

Our inner dialogue, our self-knowledge and our thoughts are the architects of our identity. They influence every decision we make, every relationship we build and every action we take,” she says.

She believes that the journey to self-improvement begins with self-awareness.

Confronting our confidence challenges and transcending self-imposed limits can be achieved by embracing our values and fostering a mindset geared toward growth, thereby enriching our emotional intelligence,” Taylor asserts.

The significance of this step cannot be overstated in the realm of identity development, or Personal Branding as it’s commonly known. Recognizing and living in harmony with one’s core values shapes an authentic identity. This congruence naturally aligns actions with aspirations, bolstering confidence and propelling success across all life domains.

Taylor’s methodology underscores the profound impact of self-awareness and the mindset on transformation. By cultivating these essential attributes, individuals can unlock a level of self-belief and resolve that is critical for flourishing both personally and professionally.

First Impressions & Elegance go Beyond Appearance

Clients often arrive at The Elegance Advisor Consultancy seeking etiquette tips and style guidance to boost their elegance and confidence so they ‘fit in’ and ‘feel more confident’ in various settings. However, what they find goes beyond mere manners and refinement. Instead of feeling inadequate and that they need to adjust their behaviour based on a rigorous set of rules and nuances, they learn to recognize and embrace their inherent strengths.

I aim to empower clients to leverage their unique qualities and capabilities,” Taylor explains.

Taylor’s approach is holistic – meaning she blends traditional etiquette, communication training and soft skills development with mindset coaching and emotional intelligence development for a transformative and lasting experience and effect.

Her clients should never leave a session feeling that they have a lot of work they need to do before they can become the person they want to be – rather her focus in sessions foster self-assurance by tapping into each client’s individual strengths.

I believe that clients already possess the answers and abilities to succeed within them,” she affirms.

Taylor’s approach focuses on providing clients with tools and support to uncover and develop their innate capabilities.

It’s about cultivating a deeper sense of confidence and authenticity in tandem with developing your skills to have a more confident presence. Once the client makes this connection every opportunity becomes a time to practice and get better,” she emphasizes.

Empowerment Through Feedback

The feedback Taylor receives from clients and community members about overcoming obstacles is a deeply touching and empowering experience for Taylor. This feedback reinforces her belief that their passion aligns with its purpose. Moreover, it underscores her conviction that dedication to growth is the right path for everyone.

Life is a constant journey with many stops. It’s not just where we end up that matters; if we only think about the end, we might miss out on the great experiences along the way. It’s better to pay attention to the journey itself and what we learn about ourselves as we go.” For her, this realization marks a defining moment. Embracing the mindset that personal growth is continuous and transformative is key to genuine transformation.

Investing in Tomorrow

One aspect that Taylor finds particularly impactful is the initiative to empower children and young adults at the beginning of their journeys. Through her educational programs – EmpowerEd which she has launched in schools, collaborations with companies like Mumzworld, various speaking engagements and training sessions at educational institutes, she has had the privilege of providing invaluable guidance and support to individuals at a crucial stage in their development. “By providing information and nurturing skill development during crucial developmental years, we do more than support—we’re actively building a solid foundation for their future achievements,” she emphasizes.

These initiatives go beyond imparting knowledge or skills—they instil confidence, resilience and a sense of empowerment that can shape trajectories for years to come. Taylor takes pride in these efforts, believing in the adage that early investment leads to greater chances for success.

By investing in the growth and empowerment of our youth through education, we not only enrich individual lives but also contribute to the betterment of our communities and society. I firmly believe that education is the fundamental element that can transform and elevate one’s life, serving as the cornerstone for all forms of change and improvement.”

Becoming the Best Version of Ourselves

Taylor’s vision for The Elegance Advisor Consultancy is to revolutionize the traditional view of etiquette from strict guidelines to vital, practical tools that catalyze comprehensive personal and professional development. By redefining etiquette as a dynamic roadmap, she underlines its significance in nurturing personal growth, forging stronger social connections and driving success. Over time, Taylor’s philosophy has evolved into a transformative approach, emphasizing complete development—from mindset and behaviour to communication and personal image. This holistic change, which she refers to as “Identity Development,” aims to shape individuals into their best selves. Aligned with this transformative approach, Taylor’s mission is to foster a global community where diverse individuals are empowered to realize their full potential, creating a world enriched by awareness, shared values and mutual respect.

Recognizing the enrichment that diversity brings to our collective experience, she advocates for acceptance and inclusivity. It’s about meeting others where they are, embracing their unique perspectives and cultures, and appreciating the richness they offer to our lives.

At the heart of our aspirations lies a universal truth—we all strive to become the best versions of ourselves,” Taylor stresses. Embracing our true identities and gaining confidence in who we are unlocks our ability to forge deep and meaningful connections with others. Taylor advocates for using empathy and openness to bridge differences rooted in communication styles, viewpoints, or cultural backgrounds.

Elegance is more than adherence to rules—it’s a guide for cultivating genuine relationships,” she reflects. In Taylor’s view, true elegance flows from compassionate hearts, open minds and gracious spirits. Her goal is to impart this comprehensive understanding, emphasizing that real elegance is about nurturing these attributes.

Believe in Yourself

Taylor’s guidance is unequivocal: prioritize self-improvement and embrace challenges. She motivates individuals to see failure not as a setback but as a valuable learning opportunity, urging them to pursue continuous growth. By committing to authenticity, passion and purpose while trusting in their potential to effect change, individuals can attain both personal and professional fulfilment.