At IIT Dhanbad’s Convocation, the Vice President Promotes the Importance of Educational Institutions

IIT Dhanbad
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During the IIT Dhanbad convocation, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar emphasized the critical role that educational institutions play as catalysts for social change and economic success, calling for a cooperative and nonpartisan approach to national development.

During the annual convocation of IIT Dhanbad (ISM) on Sunday, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar gave a thought-provoking speech. He emphasized the critical role that higher education plays in promoting economic progress rather than seeing them as isolated centers of knowledge.

Vice President Dhankhar emphasized in his keynote address the international recognition of the Indian Prime Minister as a world leader and called for a nonpartisan method of recognizing the accomplishments of individuals.

“I see no political significance in valuing any individual. A political party and a prime ministerial institution are not related, in my opinion. He said, “The PM institution is a national institution,” according to sources.

The cornerstone of social transformation is education.

Dhankhar emphasized the critical role that education plays in bringing about social change and the close relationship that exists between a country’s educational standing and the caliber of education it provides for its children.

He emphasized that the welfare of the country should come first, regardless of party affiliations, and that both state and federal administrations play crucial roles in the growth of the country.

Vice President Dhankhar saw IITs and other similar institutions as change agents who would play a crucial role in making India a technological superpower.

Declaring this period of time to be India’s “Gaurav Kaal” (Pride Era), Dhankhar celebrated enormous advancements in laws and policies. The Prime Minister’s strategic initiatives, such as the launching of indigenous warships, frigates, fighter planes, strategic helicopters, and missiles, are examples of India’s dedication to technical improvement, and he praised the country’s defense capability advancements.

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