Artificial Intelligence Training for 13000 Teachers in Kerala

Artificial Intelligence

The Department of General Education and KITE (Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education) have spearheaded an ambitious initiative to train teachers in Kerala on artificial intelligence (AI). The key details of this program include

Phase 1 covering High School and Higher Secondary Teachers

A total of 13,000 high school and higher secondary school teachers have already completed the AI-based training. The training was conducted across the state, with teachers participating in sessions at various centers.

The next batch of teachers will undergo a three-day training program from May 23 to 27, 2024, at 140 centers across Kerala. Higher secondary school principals can conveniently register teachers from their respective schools for these training sessions using the Training Management System.

 Phase 2 will undertake training for Primary Teachers

Following the completion of training for high school and higher secondary teachers, the focus will shift to primary school educators. Primary teachers will also be provided with training in the field of AI, ensuring that the benefits of this initiative reach all levels of the education system.

Target and Timeline

By August 2024, the government aims to have trained around 80,000 high school and higher secondary teachers in AI. After completing the training for secondary and higher secondary teachers, the program will expand to include primary teachers as well. By January 2025, the government hopes to have trained approximately two lakh teachers in Kerala on various aspects of AI, including:

– Summarization

– Image generation

– Prompt engineering

– Presentation-animation creation

– Evaluation

This initiative by the Department of General Education and KITE represents a significant step towards integrating AI into the educational framework of Kerala. By training teachers in AI, the government aims to enhance their skills and enable them to effectively incorporate AI-based tools and techniques into their teaching practices.

As the training program progresses and reaches its target of two lakh teachers by January 2025, it is expected to have a profound impact on the quality of education in Kerala. Teachers will be better equipped to leverage AI for personalized learning, content creation, and assessment, ultimately benefiting students and improving learning outcomes.

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