Alliance University Launched Pioneering Undergraduate Programmes in Public Policy, Public Administration, and Politics and Governance.

Alliance University

Bangalore: Alliance University proudly launched three innovative undergraduate programmes in Public Policy, Public Administration, and Politics and Governance. These programmes, housed under the Centre of Excellence in Public Policy, Sustainability, and ESG Research, are meticulously designed to align with India’s vision of becoming a developed nation by 2047, encapsulated in the “Viksit Bharat 2047” initiative. The launch event took place at the Moot Court, Learning Centre, Alliance University, under the theme “Forging the Way Ahead: Policy Making for Viksit Bharat 2047.”

Programme Highlights:

-Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy: Majors include Economics, Climate Justice and Sustainability, ESG and Business Sustainability, and Social Policymaking.

-Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration: Majors include Business, Governance and Society, International Governance, Business Administration, and Disaster Management.

-Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Governance: Majors include Economics, Comparative Politics, Psychology and Elections, and Policy and Politics.

Each programme emphasizes a multidimensional approach to public policy problem-solving, integrating STEM and SHAPE (Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts for People and the Economy) disciplines to enhance problem-solving skills. Key disciplines such as leadership, psychology, sociology, and new-age courses are incorporated to provide a comprehensive understanding of the social, political, and cultural dimensions of policymaking.

The programmes are designed to foster critical thinking and address global challenges through a curriculum that includes contemporary courses on AI, Blockchain, Bitcoin, human rights, global challenges, climate change, SDG 2030, government policies, bureaucracy, and more.

The launch event was inaugurated by distinguished guests Dr. Navneet Sharma, Director General, CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition; Dr. Ashwin Mahesh, Founder & CEO, LVBL Accelerator; and Dr. Sairam Bhat, Professor of Law, National Law School of India University, Bengaluru. Dignitaries from Alliance University also graced the occasion.

Dr. V Shyam Kishore, Interim Dean, Alliance School of Law, delivered the welcome address, marking the launch as a significant milestone for Alliance University and highlighting its commitment to addressing global challenges through education and policy.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Abhay G Chebbi, Pro-Chancellor, emphasized India’s growth as a developed nation and the importance of globalization at minimal cost, the expanded scope of societal and economic impact, and the significance of ESG reporting amidst climate change research. He underscored the university’s dedication to community and campus through SDG-themed education and research.

Dr. Priestly Shan, Pro-Vice Chancellor Academics at Alliance University, discussed the multidisciplinary approach of the university, noting the publication of 382 top papers and the granting of six international patents. He announced the launch of the WIPO Green Call on sustainable areas and highlighted collaboration efforts between academicians, think tanks, and public policy leaders.

Dr. Mukul Saxena, Professor and Director of the Centre for PG and Legal Studies and the Centre of Excellence in Public Policy, Sustainability, and ESG Research, presented the curriculum’s design aimed at future leaders dedicated to addressing climate change and promoting societal development. He emphasized the necessity of political and social reforms to prioritize education and sustainability.

The event concluded with a panel discussion on critical issues facing India’s development, including environmental sustainability, technological innovation, and the digital divide. The panel featured insights from Dr. Navneet Sharma on policy implementation, Dr. Ashwin Mahesh on the roles of the state, market, and society, and Dr. Sairam Bhat on India’s global contributions and education quality. Dr. Mukul Saxena advocated for a scientific approach to policy implementation and behavioral changes necessary for policy acceptance.

Alliance University aims to host a grand launch of the Centre of Excellence in Sustainability, Policy, and ESG Research in September 2024, further solidifying its commitment to rigorous, evidence-based scientific research in public policy, sustainability, and ESG.