Agreement Inked between VIT and University College Dublin to Enhance International Cooperation

VIT | University College Dublin
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The partnership is to enable VIT students to enroll for a term or the entire academic year at UCD in the Colleges of Engineering & Architecture and Business.

An MOU was signed by Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) and University College Dublin (UCD) with the goal of promoting faculty participation, joint academic research, student exchange, and cross-border collaboration.

The partnership intends to enable VIT students to study at UCD for one term or for the entire academic year in the Colleges of Engineering & Architecture and Business, according to a press statement issued by Education in Ireland. As a result, VIT students will have access to a “international transfer program” or access-feeder that will enable them to attend UCD after completing at least two years of bachelor’s degree coursework.

Through this Memorandum of Understanding, UCD and VIT will be able to collaborate on projects involving staff and student exchanges as well as chances for collaborative partnerships across a range of disciplines. “As Ireland’s Global University, UCD offers excellent chances for research partnerships and learning within an internationalized curriculum. There are also fantastic joint opportunities for UCD staff and students to utilize VIT,” stated Professor Colin Scott, Vice President for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion and Principal of University College Dublin’s College of Social Sciences & Law.

The partnership is anticipated to foster cross-cultural understanding while giving students chances for academic improvement and exposure to other countries.

According to Education in Ireland, it will also make cooperative research projects that address global issues and spur innovation possible.

“This collaboration between VIT and UCD demonstrates our dedication to excellence in global education and research.” Through pooling our resources and abilities, we hope to enable our teachers and students to prosper in a world growing more interconnected by the day. “We are thrilled to start this journey with UCD and anticipate the revolutionary effects this collaboration will have on our organizations, our societies, and the entire globe,” stated Dr. R Seenivasan, VIT University’s Center for Nanobiotechnology Professor and Director of the International Relations Office.

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