A New Education Policy Links Education to Critical Thinking, Says Shah

Education Policy
Education Policy

Union Home Minister Amit Shah praised the new education policy of India during the sixth convocation of the Indian Institute of Teacher Training (IITE) in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He stated that the new education policy aligns with India’s fundamental values and connects the education system to the country’s traditional philosophy. Shah emphasized that the policy combines ancient learning traditions with modern education, which makes it unique and effective in producing globally competitive students.

Shah attributed the innovative education policy to the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, highlighting Modi’s vision to establish various specialized universities such as Teachers’ Education University, Raksha Shakti University, Forensic Science University, Yoga University, and Child University. Shah praised Modi for focusing on the holistic development of different regions through education.

He also stressed the importance of teachers in shaping students’ character, values, and sense of patriotism. Shah noted that while modern technologies provide information, it’s the teachers who impart values, ethics, and a sense of responsibility. He urged the graduating students to study the new education policy thoroughly and work towards its successful implementation, contributing to the growth and progress of India.

Shah’s address underscored the significance of education in building a strong nation and creating responsible citizens. He commended the integration of traditional wisdom with modern knowledge in education policy, aiming to provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for the challenges of the future.

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